Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmaceutical sciences and involves the design of dosage forms in other words it deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity into a safe effective medication.

The pharmaceutical sciences combine a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. Pharmaceutical sciences can be broadly classified into the following main categories, with many specialized fields within each category.

Drug Discovery and Design deals with the design and synthesis of new drug molecules. This category includes specialized fields of study such as medicinal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, structural biology, identification of biological targets, and assay development to test drug candidates.

Drug Delivery is concerned with the design of dosage forms — such as tablets, injections or patches — that will deliver the drug to the site of action in a patient. The purpose is to ensure that the drug arrives in the right concentration and at the right time. Specialty fields within Drug Delivery include pharmaceutics, biomaterials, and pharmacokinetics.

Our pharmaceutics department has well equipped laboratories with modern and sophisticated analytical as well as production instruments and equipment.


Vision is to provide excellent advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge through teaching, research, and service in a supportive and caring environment that enhances the attainment of educational excellence and the highest standards in professional and ethical practice.


  • The primary objective of the department of pharmaceutics is to train the students with basic knowledge in the field of pharmaceutics and apply them in research and innovation.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutics reinforces its mission through an active role and responsibility in the delivery, outcome, and study of pharmaceutical care services it shares with other healthcare providers.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutics seeks to achieve excellence in the education and training of Pharmacists, equipping Pharmacy graduates and Post graduates to meet the present and future pharmaceutical healthcare needs of the country in all spheres of pharmacy, viz. communities / retail, hospital ,industry, academic and research development.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutics indicates to prepare highly qualified graduates capable to apply the pharmacy practice in compliance with global standards and conducts innovative research and scientific studies in basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutics provides services to the community with the Participation of Professional healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Scientist can:

  1. Characterize physical properties of drug.
  2. Develop innovative delivery systems.
  3. Quantitatively evaluates drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion & Pharmacological activity in the living organism.

Major Instruments / Equipment available

  1. Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD)
  2. Multistation Tablet Machine (Automatic)
  3. Hand Operated Tablet Punching Machine (Single Punch)
  4. Tablet Coating Apparatus.
  5. Multimill
  6. Ball mill
  7. Double Cone V Blender
  8. Brookfield viscometer
  9. USP Dissolution Apparatus
  10. Single Chamber Dissolution Apparatus
  11. Franz Diffusion cell
  12. Tablet Hardness Tester (Different types)
  13. Tablet Disintegration test Apparatus
  14. Sieve Shaker
  15. Bulk Density testing Apparatus
  16. Rapid mixer Granulator

Career Opportunities in Pharmaceutics:

A tablet is prepared by using different excipient & with the help of Tablet compression machine. The use & concentration of excipient is the key success of a formulation & this is the area where the pharmaceutics person is required. For the success of the formulation process there is need of successful formula. For the research & development on formulation Pharmaceutics persons are the only need. For the development of Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) i.e. new formulation of existing drug product Pharmaceutics person is the only choice.

Our Teaching Staff


H.O.D &Associate Professor

Dr. P. Srikanth Choudhary

Associate Professor

Mr. N Sriram

Assistant Professor

S Thangamuthu

Assistant Professor

Ananda Kumar Chethupalli

Assistant Professor

Swagat Dutta Roy

Assistant Professor

K Koteshwara Rao

Assistant Professor

S Vishnu Priya

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