Pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of drugs, and it involves drug development. This includes drug discovery, delivery, absorption, metabolism, and more. There are elements of biomedical analysis, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Pharmaceutical chemistry work is usually done in a lab setting.


The Vision of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to advance the chemical sciences through the education of Under Graduate and Post Graduates students by providing them with quality, research and service opportunities, with a high standard of excellence in all the three areas and will produce students who are knowledgeable in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and can think critically.


  • To provide the sufficient education to the graduates and post graduates in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • To implement new proceedings in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • To achieve better Pharmaceutical Care by synthesizing new drug molecules which have better therapeutic efficacy.

Job Opportunities

Better opportunities are available not only in private Pharmacy colleges and in Pharmacy departments as Academicians but also in State and Central Universities. Organizations like CDRI and Pharmacopeial organizations. Higher qualifications like Ph. D and Post Doctoral Fellow can give even better opportunities in Academics and Industries.

Our Teaching Staff


Assistant Professor

Mrs. J Priya

Assistant Professor

Ch. Swathi

Assistant Professor

Kanike Onkar

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