Sl. No Name of theCourse Name of the Laboratory / Workshop Total Area of Lab / workshop Major equipment
1 B.Pharmacy ChemistryLab - I 100 sq. m Melting Point Apparatus, Suction Pumps, Hot Plates, Oven, Refrigerator, Analytical Balances, Physical Balance, Muffle Furnace, , Distillation Unit
2   ChemistryLab - II 100 sq. m Suction Pumps, Hot Plates, Mechanical Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat, Distillation Unit, Refrigerator, Oven
3   Pharmaceutics Lab - I 100 sq. m Mechanical Stirrers, Homogeniser, pH meter, Suppository moulds, Electronic balance
4   Pharmaceutics Lab - II 100 sq. m Digital pH meter, Stage and eye piece micrometers, Brookfield’s viscometer, Digital Electronic Balance
5   H A P 100 sq. m Microscopes, Haemocytometer with Micropipettes, Hutchinson’s spirometer, Sphygmomanometer, Skeleton and Bones, Sherrington’s  drum, Students Kymograph, Muscle electrodes, Lucas Moist chamber, Analgesiometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Flame Photometer, Activity cage
6   Pharmacognosy Lab - I 100 sq. m Microscope with Stage, Balance, Reflux flask with condenser, Heating mantle, Water bath
7   Bio Chemistry 100 sq. m Colorimeter, Centrifuge, Electronic Balance, pH meter
8   Microbiology & Bio Technology 100 sq. m Autoclave, Hot air oven, incubator, Refrigerator, Laminar air flow unit, Digital colony counter, Spectrophotometer, Microscope with stage and oil immersion objective, projection microscope, vortex mixer,
9   Pharmacology 100 sq. m Student’s Physiogragph, Semi-auto analyzer, Langendorf’s Heat perfusion, students Organ Bath, Elevated plus Maze,Condon’s Manometer
10   Pharmaceutical
100 sq. m Colorimeter, UV Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter, Nephelo-tubidometer, Flame photometer, potentiometer, Conductivity meter, Analytical weighing Balance, Oven, digital pH meter, KF titrator.
11   Pharmaceutical
100 sq. m Ball Mill, Sieve shaker with set of sieves, Double cone blender, Propeller type mechanical agitator, Homogeniser, Autoclave, Steam distillation still, Buchner Gilteration Vacuum Pump, Dessicator, Energy Meter, Permeability Cups, Andreason’s Pipette,
12   Pharmacognosy
Lab - II
100 sq. m Heating mantle, Soxhlet apparatus, TLC chamber and sprayer, Hot aair oven, water bath, Autoclave, Laminar air flow, , Microscope, Balance, Spectrophotometer, Flourimeter, Reflux flasks and condensers, Distillation unit, Vaccum pump,
13   Machine Room 100 sq. m Ball mill, Sieve shaker with set of sieves, Tablet punching machine, Ampoule washing machine, Tablet Ointment filling machine, Tray dryer, Coating and polishing pan, Double cone blender, Propeller type mechanical agitator, Homogeniser, Autoclave, Steam distillation still, Buchner Gilteration Vacuum Pump, Dessicator
14 M.Pharmacy Pharmaceutics 
PG Lab-I
75 sq. m Disintegration test apparatus IP, Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP, Friability test apparatus, tap densitometer.
15   Pharmaceutics 
75 sq. m Stability Chambers, Rotary evaporator, Capsule filling machine, Orbital shaker.
16   Pharmacology 
PG Lab-I
75 sq. m Student’s physiograph, Langendorf’s heart perfusion apparatus, student’s organ bath, Elevated plus maze, high-speed cryocentrifuge.
17   Pharmacology
 PG Lab-II
75 sq. m Semi-auto analyzer, Condon’s manometer, ECG equipment for rats.
18   Central Instrumentation Lab 100 sq. m Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrometer, HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, Digital analytical Balance