Drug Information Center

It would give every health care professional in the state a sense of pride to know that Smt.Sarojini Ramulamma  College of Pharmacy has set up a Drug Information Centre (DIC) in assistance with WHO-KSPC. The centre is registered with IRDIS, an International Register of Drug Information Services. The aim of DIC is to help all health care professionals & general public in getting in-depth and focused drug information and it would also help in monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The objective of DIC is to promote the concept of rational drug use to enhance better patient outcome. With rapid advancement in medical and biological science, huge information about drugs & diseases has emerged out. Access & authenticity of this vast information being limited, rational use of drugs has been more complex. The conventional method of obtaining drug Information is through the medical representatives & product literature provided by the manufacturers, which may be incomplete or biased. DIC would also serve to the poor people, to bring down the burden of health problem on our society through continuous education. Our DIC would also be assisting doctors & hospital pharmacists in updating on new drugs emerging at international level, in different therapeutic areas.

DIC welcomes the queries on: (FREE SERVICE) 
Drug or its Product Information/Identification
Adverse Drug Reactions/Drug Interactions
Efficacy/Treatment/Choice of drug
Drug Profile/Indications/Dosage

Information furnished by DIC has been fully authentic and retrieved mainly from internationally reputed database (Micromedex's USA) and it is delivered through any desired mode of communication. Drugs related queries are sent to us by email, phone or post or in person and we will respond to it immediately. Drug Information Centre has started a series of lectures to promote the concept of rational drug use among health care professionals. 

We look forward to a start receiving drug’s related queries to our DIC from all health care professionals and form a long lasting association to elevate our society to very healthy heights! 

What is Drug information?
Drug information refers to the provision of unbiased well-referenced and critically evaluated up-to-date information on any aspect of drug use.

What is the need for Drug Information?
Drug Literature is vast and complex and it is growing rapidly in size. It is also increasingly complex i.e. inter disciplinary and inter professional in nature. The rate of new drug approval is also very high in the present world dominated by information technology. In a highly populated country like ours patient load for practicing physicians and other health care providers is very high. The time available for going through the vast array of complex literature to keep abreast of newer developments is minimal. A drug information centre dedicated for the task of providing unbiased, critically reviewed information is a logical solution for this problem 

What is the focus area of drug information?

  • Drug information specific to an individual patient or relative to a group of patients in the contexts of Prevention and Management of disease.
  • Drug information needed for academic or research purposes.

Who can use the services of Drug Information Centre?

  • Physicians and other specialty health care providers.
  • Medical students
  • Pharmacists.
  • Nurses.
  • Other health care professionals and students.
  • Patients

What are the resources available?

  • Primary resources: Access to more than 150 Bio Medical Journals.
  • Secondary resource:  Necessary texts and books on various aspects of drug use

Who runs the Drug Information Centre?
Drug Information services is initiated by Smt.Sarojini Ramulamma  College of pharmacy. A well qualified Drug information pharmacist who is also a faculty in the college of pharmacy manages Drug information centre.

Where it is located?
It is located in the basement floor of the new block of SVS hospital complex.

Whom to contact?
For Drug information queries contact
Drug information pharmacist,
SSRCP Drug Information centre